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Glass Cleaning Services

Why Clean Glass?

The obvious reasons for cleaning windows are:

  • Professional business image for commercial buildings

  • Better view

  • Better heat efficiency.

Glass will, over time, become soiled with a variety of contaminants if regular window cleaning is not occurring. These soils will greatly detract from the windows appearance and the property's overall 'look of cleanliness'.

Some of the major soils which accumulate on exterior windows include:

  • Soils and dust

  • Contaminants and pollutants found in rain

  • Mineral deposits (hard water deposits) from hoses and sprinkler systems

  • Salt spray – if close to the ocean

  • Leaching of minerals from window frames and building surfaces.

  • Of the above soils, hard water minerals pose the biggest threat to damaging glass windows. Overspray from garden hoses and sprinklers can lead to a build-up of hard water mineral deposits, which can in turn damage the glass surface. Overspray from garden hoses and sprinklers should be avoided.

  • The need for basic glass restoration can usually be avoided with regular cleaning of exterior window glass (minimum of twice yearly).


Understanding Glass

  • Glass is porous, meaning it is full of tiny holes which are not visible to the human eye. When viewed under a microscope a sheet of glass is full of peaks and valleys that can capture and hold mineral deposits. If these contaminants are left long enough on the surface of a window, it will create a white stain that will render your standard window cleaning techniques ineffective. If this occurs special restoration techniques are required to restore the glass.

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